What Parents Have to Say

The athletes are not the only ones impacted. Parents of student athletes of all skill levels have lots to say about taking away their student’s choices and opportunities. They are also committed to supporting safe play. We parents are willing to do whatever it takes for our boys to get on the football field this Fall, and all other sports to return to their regular seasons. 

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10 thoughts on “What Parents Have to Say

  1. I’m both a parent and our head football coach. Seeing 40 others states play football this fall while players in Colorado watch football being played in these neighboring states is a travesty. Does this virus not pass across state lines? Governor Polis let these kids play. Chsaa, have the bravery to stand up for what you know is right.

  2. Moving fall football to the spring has been a tough pill to swallow. Our son is a kid that has received a lot of attention from colleges, but coaches have told him that they want to see him play in his first three games. NCAA signing day for National Letter of Intent is currently February 3, 2021. The first game for high school football in Colorado is scheduled for March 4, 2021. Playing college football has been a dream for our son since he was younger. No high school fall football will have a financial impact on our family. There will be less scholarship opportunity for kids playing after February 3, 2021 because of the number of scholarships given to athletes who played in the fall. Our son, like many other seniors, just wants the opportunity to earn a college scholarship and playing this fall gives him the best opportunity.

  3. I was an athlete that needed a senior year for a scholarship. I’m from a small town of 1649 people in Hillsboro, MO and my dad worked in a factory for 34 years. The only way for me to get an education was through a scholarship. I had some interest from DIV II schools and could walk-on at Mizzou, but then was offered by the Air Force Academy. That changed the trajectory of my life including becoming a President and CEO of a large company. What other dreams, livelihoods, and alternate futures are being destroyed by not playing fall sports? I would suggest thousands across the State of Colorado. Our State! #LetCOPlay!

  4. My son is just a Sophomore, but football is crucial to his mental health and maintaining his grades. For him, not playing will be emotionally devastating! Football motivates him to maintain his grades. For many of his older friends delaying the season will ELIMINATE their chance to go to college and their path out of poverty.
    I know because I WAS that kid. No one in my family made it to college, football was my path out of poverty!
    Steve Bigari
    USMA ’82
    CEO Synq3
    Lifetime fellow for my work on helping escape poverty. http://www.Ashoka.org

  5. This is about personal choices and liberties. Let families choose to play or not to play. No one is forcing them to be on the field/court if they don’t want to. We don’t keep the kids off the streets because they might get in car accidents. We don’t keep them out of the pools because they might drown. We mitigate risks that life presents the best we can and LIVE!!! LET THEM PLAY!!!!

    1. I’m a parent of a junior multi-sport athlete and a high school basketball coach. Us as adults, our lives haven’t changed all that much throughout all of this, but our kids and athletes lives have been turned upside down. Not having fall sports is a travesty, and what is going to say we will have winter sports when the time comes. We’re from a small town of 750 people, sports are everything to these kids and the town. When your from a small town that is about all you have as a kid, is sports! Our kids will never get this time back! Let them play and give us back our free agency to choose for ourselves!!

  6. My son is a multi sport athlete. If they move football to the spring, he will not be able to play basketball. We might not be able to have basketball because so many of the boys will be playing football. The small schools will have to worst problem with this, as they need every able body to participate in every sport or there will be no team. This isn’t about COVID anymore. This is about the welfare of thousands of young men who have trained for years. LET THEM PLAY!!!!

  7. CHSAA – Give our kids an equal opportunity to higher education! 84% of HS Football players across the country are playing this fall (79% if you just use # of states 40/52). The 84% will have a Fall season to gather film and showcase their talents to College Coaches and Recruiters prior to signing day. CHSAA – your actions to date clearly harm our kids. Do the right thing, let our kids play, and provide them with an equal opportunity to go to college.

    Gov. Polis, you need to wipe out the rediculous current variation where no more than 25 people can be on one field at a time.

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